Only the Conservatives have a plan to grow the economy, help hardworking people and secure a better future for Britain.

1. A record number of people in work
There are now 30.43 million people in work – up 1.59 million since the election. Every job means another family with the financial security of a pay packet and the prospect of a better future.
2. More full-time jobs
Of those new jobs created, 1.2 million are full-time jobs. That shows the recovery is sustainable and helping hardworking people find secure, full-time work.
3. More women in work
The proportion of women in work has hit 67.7 per cent – the highest since records began.
4. The Claimant Count down
There are 378,000 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance than there were under Labour. New jobs are enabling more people to move off benefits and get on in life.
5. Youth unemployment down
The number of unemployed young people has fallen by 75,000 since 2010. By delivering skills, apprenticeships and jobs, we’re helping give young people a better start in life.

We're rewarding work by:

  • Capping benefits - so no out-of-work household can claim more in benefits than the average family earns in work
  • Stopping benefits rising faster than wages - to ensure that it always pays to work
  • Introducing Universal Credit - so it always pays more to be in work than on benefits

The Conservatives are helping create jobs so hardworking people can get on in life.

By backing small businesses and enterprise, we have helped create 1.7 million new jobs - that's more people taking home a pay packet each month and being able to provide for their families.

We are on the side of small businesses, and are helping them however we can:

  • Cutting the jobs tax - saving businesses up to £2,000 and enabling them to provide more jobs for hardworking people
  • Scrapping the jobs tax altogether for under 21s - so it's easier for businesses to give young people a start in life
  • Investing in better infrastructure, including roads, rail and broadband - so it's easier to reach customers 
  • Cutting corporation tax - helping companies invest and grow
  • Getting rid of unnecessary red tape - freeing up businesses to concentrate on expansion

Same Old Labour

We've come a long way from Labour's policies of higher taxes and more regulations, which cost business owners billions of pounds.

Labour's plans for more taxes will hit businesses all over again and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Only the Conservatives have a plan to help small businesses and enterprise and create jobs.