Only the Conservatives want to, and are capable of giving the British people a say on our relationship with the European Union.

The EU

Our policy is to renegotiate our deal with the EU so that we get a better deal,  and a deal that works in Britain's interests, this will be followed with an In/Out referendum on 23rd June 2016.

For REAL change in Europe, Vote Conservative.

Only the Conservatives have achieved real results in Europe - cutting the EU budget, vetoing a fiscal treaty that would have hurt our economy, and taking Britain out of the Eurozone bailouts that Labour signed us up to.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats will not stand up for Britain in Europe, and they refuse to give the British people a say in an in-out referendum. UKIP are neither credible nor competent and they can't deliver for Britain.

Only the Conservatives can deliver real change in Europe. We will renegotiate Britain's membership then hold an in-out referendum for the British people to decide our future in Europe.